To enter a photo in our photo contest please make sure it meets the following criteria:

Subject of photo should be insects, bugs, lizards, frogs, birds, fish, snakes, and other little critters. Plants, trees, flowers, etc. are also welcomed. Our mission is to share the beautiful scenes of this world with others.

Subject of photo should be in a natural appearing environment such as dirt, rocks, plant life (trees, flowers, plants), bark, etc.

Photos should be clear, not blurry. Please send photos without frames or other alterations. Please send photos in their original size if possible.

Each photo submitted must be taken by you. The subject of the photo must be living things in nature. It is preferred that the images are of insects,bugs,frogs,lizards,birds,fish, and other small creatures out in nature in their natural environment. If you find these little critters somewhere else and get an amazing shot, we will consider it. But, little creatures in nature is what we prefer. If you have any questions about our criteria send us an email or call us at (530) 868-4800.

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  1. Bev hughes says:

    This looks like fun! I’m going to keep my camera ready!

    • Bula Bug says:

      Please do that! Looking forward to seeing your photos.

    • Elaine says:

      Hi Alane,Yes, you sulohd be able to feel them crawling on you and this is exactly why they wait until you are in a deep sleep before feeding! Only when they have found there feeding spot on you and numbed it up would you not be able to feel them.

  2. i have a close pic of a lizard.u can see it on my blog at
    can i submit that?

    • Bula Bug says:

      Hi Somesh! Yes, please submit any photos of nature that you would like to appear in a Bula Bug book. It may be good to have a few photos of where to find lizards, like on a wall for example. World of Lizards is coming after World of Bugs, then World of Birds, and many more! 🙂 Your photos are beautiful! : )

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