Here at Bula Bug we encourage kids and adults to get outside and explore!

And what better way to share what you find than to photograph it?

Lets all get together and show one another our beautiful photographs of wildlife from around the world. The more we share the beautiful images of the amazing creatures of our world, the more awareness and fondness we instill in the folks who are seeing them. Lets all work together to find better solutions for co-existing with these creatures.

That’s our mission.  To encourage people to fall in love with the beautiful creatures of our planet. We believe all creatures big and small are important here on earth. We encourage respect, reverence and compassion for all living things, even the bugs! We want to share Images of the natural beauty of this world.

Enter your photographs into a Photo Contest, or share it with our community in our Bug Snaps Section.

Photo Contests:

World of… Children’s Book Photo Contest – Open to anyone

Wild Child Outdoor Photo Contest – Open to children 13 and under

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