Mint leaves.

Mint leaves. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Citronella Grass
Originally from Asia, citronella grass is a coarse plant that grows well in tropical climates such as California and Florida, reports The oil derived from this grass is the primary ingredient used to keep all manner of bugs in check – either by applying it mixed with vegetable oil to your skin or burning it in candle form.

A common ingredient in a variety of delicious spring and summer dishes, basil is also a powerful weapon against the common housefly. According to TLC, this adaptive herb can grow in many different climates – from the dampest forests to the driest desert plains. By simply placing a few basil plants in key locations around your home and yard, there won’t be a fly in sight. This herb also works well at keeping mosquitoes away.

This popular flavor is an herb that works well for keeping ants and even mice out of your home’s interior. TLC reports that sister plants like catnip and pennyroyal are also great for keeping fleas, mosquitoes and flies away in addition to ants. Simply leave out a few bowls of dried mint leaves to keep your home pest-free

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