Over the next few weeks billions of cicada grubs will awake from 17 years of subterranean slumber and emerge into the bright sunshine of America’s mid-Atlantic states. Their strange cycle has attracted the attention of journalists all over the country. The males will travel in vast swarms, create a tremendous racket in the hope of wooing a mate, make love frantically and then die, unlamented. The cicadas will do the same—the only difference being they will leave behind not unfinished novels but eggs that will hatch in another 17 years.

Just think, the Cicadas hatching now are older than most of the children who are catching them and checking them out. These slow moving insects are quite easy to catch and look at. Take a look at these bugs, the oldest bugs around. And give them a little respect, after all, we must respect our elders.

Article via: http://www.economist.com/news/leaders/21578055-how-america-will-look-cicadas-when-they-next-return-brood-2030

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Bula Bug brings children and adults face to face with the insect world through vivid close up images and fun/educational materials.

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