Too busy to read to your child? ..get them the read-aloud version and let them learn about nature with Brandee’s voice reading the book!

Backyard Guide takes you inside the insect world to show you a closer look at what bugs to look for, and where bugs like to hide. This Read Aloud eBook is packed with stunning close-ups of many different bugs, and is read by the Author Brandee Mae Hughes. It teaches children what bugs are safe and what bugs are dangerous. There are over 100 different insects pictured in this informative and fun Read Aloud eBook. Children will love learning with this beautiful guide to finding insects and bugs in their own yard. Encourage your child to learn and explore the tiny World of Bugs.

About Bula Bug

Bula Bug brings children and adults face to face with the insect world through vivid close up images and fun/educational materials.

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